Look Classy At 40 Plus

Published: 30th April 2010
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Crossing the 40-year mark does not provide you the license to dress dowdily. Style is appreciated at all ages 'n you may continue to look suave throughout your advancing years. While you may never be able to dress in a teenage t shirt or loose baggy pants again, there are specific dress codes that you ought to comply with to look as cool as ever.

When you speak about smart dressing for the 40 plus, you must pay additional attention to the shade that you opt for. It is pretty obvious that as you age, your hair color as well starts to modify significantly. So whenever you choose garments for your wardrobe, it's crucial that you keep the shade of you hair in mind too. Go for colors that can match your skin tone.

For most men, this would imply wearing extremely dull shades like beige, the lightest of blue or white. However, you need not look ill in a bid to match the right colors with your skin tone. Go in for softer yet brighter colors such as sky blue, pink, lilac and similar shades. You may not wear the maroons 'n the greens but make sure that you go for colors that fit your character.

The fit of your clothes additionally makes a contribution a large amount to your fashion. They ought to not be too fitted, nor too loose. In the first situation, you would look like as if you are attempting to get into your son's clothes and in the second example, the garments might look like they've been hung on you and as a result undermine your personality.

At the age of forty, most men switch to their retirement. This means bidding adieu to the suede and linen suits. Switching to t-shirts and jeans may seem like a complete transition, which could make most males uncomfortable. So, it would be a much better concept to discover a midway transition. Pick casual shirts with a pair of trousers. In the event you think that you may carry off jeans well, you might too team up your casual shirts with jeans. Polo neck t-shirts are also a great concept.

While most men at 40 stay clear of taking the classy route, there are a handful of who remain stuck to their years of yore. Even if your body is still in shape, it doesn't give you a reason to wear low cut jeans or extremely fitted t shirts. Naturally, you could go for smart t-shirts however make sure that they are reminiscent of your age.

Age should never be a hindrance for looking very good or fashionable. There are just a few things that you must keep in head 'n you are bound to be at your rocking perfect at forty also.

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